A Spiderman Gwen Stacy Halloween Costume – Tips For Creating an Effective Spiderman Costume

The Gwen Stacy Costume, which is one of the most recognized of all Halloween costumes, is a really sensational outfit that I absolutely love! When I was little my mom made me dress up as one of my favorite cartoon characters, Spiderman, and I absolutely loved every second of it! I still do. When I was looking for the perfect outfit for my Halloween costume this year, I knew that my daughter needed to have a super hero costume like the one I had, and I knew that my Halloween costume needs to include some of Spiderman’s trusted friends. And who doesn’t know Spidey quite well?

A Spiderman Gwen Stacy Halloween Costume

In the Marvel comics, Spiderman meets and engages Gwen Stacy in a battle that lasts for an entire afternoon. It’s a fantastic scene, and if you ever have the opportunity to read Spiderman comics, you’ll know why. So this is where my Spiderman Halloween costume begins, and my daughter absolutely loves it! I decided to incorporate a few elements from the actual comic to make my costume a little more authentic. For instance, in the scene, Spiderman’s trademark web shooter is not in my costume, nor is his radio headset or yellow and black jumpsuit. Instead, my costume includes a black bodysuit, green protective eye wear, and a pair of symbiote lenses (I’m assuming these aren’t the ones he’s shot with in the comics).

As far as accessories go, my daughter has a couple of spare Spiderman gloves, and she’s also got her own black, yellow and green Spandex suit that comes in a couple of different sizes. She also wears a very small, silver spider web clip to attach to her costume. All of these items can be purchased at a local costume shop or even online, but in my opinion it’s much easier to create your own Spiderman Halloween costume with the help of a few online costume kits. The trick is finding a high quality, authentic Spiderman costume kit that features all of the items you need to create a full Spiderman suit.

To begin, you’ll need a pattern of Spidey’s web and place markers. You’ll want to use a vinyl type of pattern that’s easy to read when completed and includes black, white, and red lines. These simple patterns will allow you to follow along as you sew the pieces together and assemble your Spiderman Halloween costume suit. Since my daughter is a very fast writer, and can complete projects within minutes, she’ll likely have several different versions of the web and Spiderman suit. This will allow her to create several different versions of her gwen Stacy costume suit.

Next, you’ll need the air drying kit. You’ll need two hosed off shirts, a pair of dark wash pants, black and red jumpers, black gloves, and polyester hose to complete your Spiderman Halloween costume. You should also include black tweezers and black gloves in the set, as well as polyester stiletto boots and polyester belt. Since these items are featured on the actual suit, your child will be happy to know that they are included in your kit!

Lastly, your child will need Spiderman gloves, black polyester spandex overalls, red spider legs, and red spider webbs. These items will be provided with the suit as well, so don’t worry about having to buy them separately. If you know your girl likes bold colors, consider purchasing more than one set of the included items. For example, you could purchase red gloves and a black overalls; or, you can purchase a black polyester spandex suit and a pair of white spider legs.

One important thing to keep in mind is that each Spiderman Halloween costume comes complete with matching headpieces. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase the matching headbands as well as a themed mask. For example, you can purchase a mask that resembles the classic “C” pattern from the Spiderman comics. Then, you can turn your eyes blue or green with Spiderman themed eyelashes.

Finally, don’t forget to add a pair of Spiderman gloves. These accessories come separately and are available in black, red and blue styles. Also, make sure to purchase a couple of blue spider legs so that they match the costume and mask for maximum effectiveness. By following these simple suggestions, you’ll have a fun time trick or treating!