Want to play Cosplay? Not anyone can play unless you have the following potential

Animation has gradually become a favorite among young people. On the street, we often see a lot of secondary enthusiasts, wearing second-generation Cosplay costumes on the street. These two-year-old sisters have attracted many passers-by. Every time, it attracts countless photographers and photo journeys.

Want to play Cosplay

I also want to come up with Cosplay clothes in my own home. When I can like them, I can make a high-profile look in front of everyone and become the focus of discussion and photography. Do you want to play Cosplay? But not everyone can play, at least it should match the following point, you will be suitable for playing Cosplay.

Want to play Cosplay

Born a pair of women’s clothing big men / men’s Royal Sister’s body

The most popular among the anime are those born with cute characters and tall men and women. Sometimes you will find muscle male characters in anime, you can’t use your skinny body to decorate the show. But you will find that it is easier for men to go to Cosplay for a female character, or that women are more likely to go to Cosplay for a male character. This is to ask everyone to have a pair of natural women’s squats and men’s sorcerer’s body. With this, you can basically make a character with a charm.

Want to play Cosplay

No value, technical remedy

If I am uncomfortable with the Cosplay anime actor or the heroine, what should I do if I destroy the classics. But no problem, you only need to have technology. In the animation world, not only men and women can cosplay, but also other things, such as pets, robots and monsters. This means no value, technical remedy. If you have a strong hands-on ability, get a “holster” and you will successfully attract all eyes. The technology will also make you play Cosplay.

Want to play Cosplay

a man who eats instant noodles for you to buy two yuan clothes

Although the value of Yan has, but the role of the anime second element, the biggest feature is to spend a lot of clothes, this is also the most important thing to play with the second-generation Cosplay, when you play Cosplay, there are not a few decent two-yuan clothes are not playing Ok. Of course you will find that after playing a few times, you will be addicted.

In the recent story of the second yuan, a sister fell in love with the second element, and her boyfriend bought an anime Cosplay dress for her, saving her food and even eating instant noodles. Cosplay is not for anyone to play. At least your financial conditions can support you to change into a second-yuan anime costume to satisfy your own “Cosplay every favorite cartoon character”. The most basic thing is to have a Cosplay suit for yourself. Boyfriend.

Not everyone can play, you have the following potential to be handy, it is likely that a good character will be ruined by your unprofessional, so it is very important that you find the right role.

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